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I am delighted that you want to know about me! Usually people want to only know about my work and the company as a whole.  It's refreshing to know that you really want to know about me!


I'm a Chicagoan for over 26 years and counting. My love for design started at a very young age. My "ah-ha" moment of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life happened at the age of 14. I was watching Angela Bower (played by Judith Light), an advertising executive from the 80's sitcom Who's the Boss.

There is no question...I wanted to do exactly what she did!


Favorite color:  White

Dreams: I have loads of them that are vivid and colorful. I often dream that I can breathe under water.

Favorite place to think: At the airport. I was delayed for 9 hours and was so completely in thought that I never got up to eat or go to the bathroom!

Chinese animal: Rooster

Favorite citrus: Grapefruit (with a bit of vodka)

Signature style: Simple. Modern. Unique.

My Super Power: Overly intuitive & can smell

bull-shit a mile away. 

Go-to font: Century Gothic.











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